Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Arrival at Guadeloupe

Aight so less than an hour ago we arrived here in Guadeloupe.  After a long 24 hour trek up the Caribbean island chain I am happy to be on land.

Taking watch shifts between Susy, Ged and myself we managed to make relatively good time. We took off from St. Lucia around 11 am... as planned, and headed north luckily for us the wind was at a perfect direction giving us a strong beam reach to the leeward side of Martinique. During this time sailing we made our best time at a rate of 9+ knots we were cruising. After reaching the Martinique we put the sails away and in turn motored the rest of the way here.

In between Martinique and Dominica we had some rough seas and sure enough this was my chance to sleep... Dank.

As we reached the middle of Dominica Susi woke my up and I took her place at the helm, with the 3-6am shift. Which in all honesty is one of my favorite times of the evenings...SUNRISE.

The stars out in the ocean with only a few little islands there to create light pollution are magnificent. I saw a few shooting stars and one that went from the southern tip of the sky all the way to the northern, encompassing the entire night sky. The sea at night is a dark reflecting pool that glistens with insight from the lights ahead.

 As I approached the northern tip of Dominica the sea began to come alive with rolling waves and the sun began to rise from its daily kip. I sat in contemplation of the trip thus far.

Ged awoke giving me the go ahead to chill out and go back to my bed. Werd, much needed since I barely slept before with some lucid ass dreams.

Laying down the boat began to slap harder and harder on the surface of the ocean i knew we were in some big surf. It was some of the biggest seas I've seen since I started voyage back in sept. big oll rollers with us getting clobbered from our stern. but in the end we made it with some good footage ill nput up in our next flick.

Since Matt Sexton and Will Bennet are comin here to join us for some wave shinnanigans it is certainly going to be a great week here in Guadeloupe, the land of Merci!!!

Jah Bless!

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