Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Gwada Waddle, biddies and some good ol' surfin'!!!

your average sight at a Gwada wada beach

After a long set up and prep for the trip, it was on!

I grabbed a taxi who spoke almost no english and made my way over to the airport to pick up homie Matt Sexton. I arrived at the airport to find him inside the baggage collection area sitting on his camera case. 
Yellling out "der go matty boy" he smiled and the shinanigans began. Although he arrived at 11 pm we both knew we wouldn't call it a night and pass out we would have to go out and check out the scene in town.
After a quick stroll around the marina we found a bar rightfully called the Zoo Rock Cafe & Bar, and decided to grab a few pints. 

Kicking back a few brews we got to catching up and telling stories from the past few months we have been both away doing our things. We got to talking to the bartender who ended up being a kiter himself and he gave us some insight on where the best spots to ride would be here on the island and he stressed the fact that we should get up early tomorrow and catch the wind at a spot not too far from where we were. The bartenders name was Dume and he was in fact the owner of this fine establishment. So we kicked back a few more took a few shots and called it a night. Heading back to the boat I was stoked to have a good forecast for wind for the next two days.

I awoke to the sound of wind passing through the mast...dope!                                                                              
Yes thats overproof rum and Yes the GoPro caught on fire!.... and Yes we have the footage

Grabbing a bite to eat Matt and I loaded up the dingy for the day to come filled with the camera gear, kites, boards, and our fat selfs we were ready to jam out in style.

As we left Meercat, we saw that Dume was getting some fuel at the fuel dock and stopped over to see what was good.

He told us to throw our gear in his boat since it was much more sea worthy than our dingy and we did. I drove the dingy up to the island about 2 miles from where we were docked. As I got closer to the island I could see that the spot and the conditions were just right for a good photo sesh. 

We pumped up and got out for a warm up ride. Matt was on his 11m Slingshot Fuel and I was on my 12m Naish Torch. The power in the Torch is exactly what I needed. After having a great warm up sesh I grabbed the camera and started shooting, producing some great shots, with a sick background. Matt was throwing down reppin our St. Pete and Fl. Crew!

Since we are here in St. Francis right now I will be back a little later with to fill you all in with the rest of the trip this was just the beginning and first day, as well as post some pics.
Yeah you should be here and you CAN!!!


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  1. Sick boat, sick times, no ceilings, poppin bottles, tossin hash .... like a blizzard