Thursday, December 2, 2010

Meercat gets a facelift

So we are / have been on the hard(boat out of the water in the marina) for over a week and a half and it is honestly...

Not cool.

We are out of our element and we haven't been able to explore the endless swells and wind that have been coming our way during this time. Although we are slowly upgrading Meercat it is never an easy task getting things done in the Islands. The new teak deck had some setbacks and is now in the process of being re caulked due to the inefficient manner it was caulked the first time.

Our glorious surf rack
All in all she is looking pretty tight though, we have completely fitted this boat for kiting with board racks in places you would never guess. Currently housing 11 complete kites, 2 surfboards, 1 skim and 5 twin tips. Yeah you heard me right we gots da gear!!

View from the pit
Were lookin' at setting sail early monday morning and sailing through the night to reach Guadeloupe to pick up the boys and shred the nar. Right now a decent swell of 2.8m is hitting Guadeloupe so I'm hoping it builds for our arrival. I would love to get barreled in some of the Caribbeans finest!
The 2011 Naish Torch 12m I've been flying has been keeping me pretty stoked throughout our stay here and I'm really lookin forward to seeing her true potential in Guadeloupe, along with the 6'0" custom fish we got!!!

In the end as long as Meercat is ready to bounce out of St. Lucia for monday I will be a happy bro.

When are we leaving?

On another note heres a little jam my boy Evol threw up in São Paulo Brazil reppin our crew DVES!
DVES(De Vagar E Sempre) (slow and steady always)

Cheers and stay tuned for more to come!

I'll be posting pics notes and videos of the Guadeloupe extraviganzah!

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