Wednesday, November 24, 2010

09 Trip to Jeri Revisited...Gaff Krew What What!

 Yesterday I got the opportunity to to fly the new 2011 Naish Torch 12 m2 and the new 134 Momentum.
Honestly I was caught by surprise. I had been flying a 08 Torch in NE Brazil for two years while living there and I was all about my kite C kites.

After I returned stat side, I decided to give the Helix a try in the waves and was impressed. They as well are wonderful kites but don't have the sheer grunt the Torch has. So in this revelation I figure the best way to show what I mean is to post some photos of the glorious trip we, the Gaff Crew took to Jericuacuara Brazil. This was certainly a trip for the books!
Day one at Jeri Kirk getting ready for a Shweet cutback

Yeah Kirk!


My "How are we fitting everything in here" face
Levs strapless raily

Speed Racer

  Chezarinos buggy Yamming down the coast.

The Gaff Krew 09 was an eclectic bunch of individuals all with an idea,  have a good time no matter what trails ahead.

Dave, Lev, Josephine, James, Kirk, Leo, Kelly, Astrid, Joe, Dudu, Alex and  Myself certainly all enjoyed this trip and the many more times we shared together.

If your thinking of planning a trip to Brazil make sure you do it in style with the Gaff Krew!!!!!

Check them at

Let the good times Roll!


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