Friday, November 19, 2010

Whats next for Meercat...

We are finishing up work here in St. Lucia and will hopefully be setting sail by mid next week. Our destination, Guadalupe. I've spoken to some local surfers and it seems we will be in for a treat, if we get some swell and wind. I've got my fingers crossed and always, feel like the wind will be in our favor.

This is going to be a special trip since Billy Parker, Matt Sexton and Alex Fox are all going to be coming on board to take part in this maiden Pro rider trip. Since we all came from the same area kiteboarding in St. Petersburg Florida there's no doubt about the good times that lie ahead of us.

One of the reasons I even got into this sport was watching Bill go bigger, faster and passing the bar higher than anyone I have, still to this day seen kiting. Matt and I were roommates our first year at Eckerd College and we got into the sport at relatively the same time. Matt was a Freshman and I, a transfer sophmore from Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont. Fox on the other hand was killing it when we got into the sport. At that time he was a young grom, throwin' down on the water & chillin' out at the beach with the crew.

One thing that must be said about St. Pete is that it certainly is a Kiteboarders paradise. Although the season is mostly during the winter months as long as you have a 4.3 or 5.3 wetsuit your good to go. You can kite in any wind direction due to the nature of the St. Pete peninsula and its surrounding barrier islands. From waves to flat water whatever your vice in the sport you can thoroughly enjoy in St. Pete.

So my natural inclination when I was thinking of who to bring on this trip was simple.
St. Petes Finest...

We have got a lot of enthusiasm for this trip and some pretty wild ideas to play with kites and the boat. I'll be posting updates less frequently since we will not always have internet connections while sailing.

One things for sure I'm sure no one has ever tried the sort of things we will be doing meshing kiting and sailing to another level.

Be stoked for the footage to come.

We will also have Will Bennet on-board representing Kite Surf Magazine UK. He was just Champion in the BKSA Wave Masters Sessions, Ireland. I'm pumped to see what he'll be bringing to the table style-wise and hopefully learn a trick or two from a master.

Here's a video of Bill and Matt doing their thing out in Hood River

the fantastic NA blend crew from Benoit Paillard on Vimeo.

Here's a oldie but goodie from Fox tearin up the St. Pete scene

Stay tuned for more!!


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