Sunday, November 7, 2010

Green Flashes and The Clementines

The other day Susy, Ged and I decided to do a little dinghy wakeboarding so we shot out of Rodney Bay planning to yam out in front of Reduit Beach. as we were approaching the end of the channel I turned on the GoPro Camera and was filming some locals playing on a monohull sailboat. They were hanging off the side while they jibbed and havin' a good time.

I was looking at the sailboat and the scenery of St. Lucia. While I was looking at the darker backdrop in front of me Ged exclaimed that the sunset looked like it was ripe for a green flash.

Yeah Right, how many times in my life have I sat out on 2003 Gulf Way telling someone to look close and just maybe they will see a green flash... many.

I honestly have always thought it was a beach legend. I mean I thought I had seen it before but I was never really sure.

I looked over to the sunset I pointed the Gopro in the same direction seeing if it could capture the fleeting sunset as it immersed itself beneath the horizon. As it had its last glimps that we all know very well this burst of green flashed before us...

It didn't just flash quickly either it sat there for a good second+ while I stared in disbelief. I was in shock I couldn't contain myself. Looking back at Ged and Susy they also saw it just as well as I did and we confirmed.

"Yes this was REAL"

I've seen a great number of sunsets and to see a G.F. here in St. Lucia was quite special. Now i looked back at the camera still buggin' out and checked that it was on.


Dope so we should have footage of the green flash when we get back to Meercat. Something inside me was saying that even though I filmed it, it probably wouldn't look like a G.F. since cameras rarely capture the colors and brightness we see.

We rode for a bit until it was too dark to see and headed back to the boat. Talking about how cool it would be to see it when we got back we were all pretty anxiouse to see what came out.


Since I was looking at the dark backdrop that the sun was shinning on when I looked over to the sunset the camera was adjusting the exposure while the G.F. went down.

I knew it, the footage was priceless even though I'm buggin out cursing you can tell in all of our reactions we witnessed something wild.

My advice to anyone who is going to try and film a green flash... keep your camera still and pointed directly at the sunset. I should have known.

On another note, I'm going to start putting up some of my friends that are musicians who are doing some pretty amazing things musically. Music is an integral part of my life and even though I cant play anything I sure know good music when I hear it.

Andrew Marr is a good friend of mine who used to provide some of the best yams in high school with a group called "djehli" Now livin out in the Sunshine State he's rockin' out with his new group "The Clementines", here are a couple of tracks fresh out the studio.

I Would Die To Be by AndrewMarr

Up we Go by AndrewMarr

Stay tuned for more to come!!!


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