Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy Island 2 Prickely Bay

When we set off from Union Island I had a good feeling about Grenada since one of my friends Kiki from back home is from Grenada. He told me to link up with some of his fam and gave me some tips on some places to see. I also got in touch with a friend from Eckerd, Julie who is going to Vet School at SGU. I could sense that this island would be a bit younger than the last few I was at.

So we set sail from Union and made our way to Grenada. The norther coast of Grenada is gorgeous rocky rigelines with some pretty high peaks, a very breathtaking view from the sea. The ocean wasn't tooo choppy with some good rollers for meercat to surf down so we made good time. I must admit I'm pretty happy I dont get seasick since getting on this I have never felt sick at sea...Although a hangover does not feel good while in rough seas.

As we pulled into Prickely Bay I saw a relatively small but clean break in the entrance of the harbour.

I thought to myself this might have some potential...

Dropping anchor is one of the things i have learned is all about timing. Since we were coming in at sunset I knew we needed to drop the anchor relatively quick to make sure it was all good before it was dark. No one wants to be dropping anchor at night its as the British would put it a bolleg, Us translation( pain in the Ass). Luckily for us this time it was nice and simple the anchor held first attempt and we settled down in the outside cockpit for a beer and a perfect view of the setting sun.

Ged had told me about a member of the Meercats crew who sailed her from France across the Atlantic and that he was a person I should get a hold of while we are in Grenada.

So Ged hit up the radio and called out if anyone out there had seen or knew which boat a skinny Scottish bloak was on. With probably a second of lee time there was a voice on the radio that said he knew what boat Michel was on and told us he had just dropped him off at the Big Fish a bar and restaurant that is right on the water edge of the harbour. The funny thing is that this guy closed with "Magnum. out" the three of us had a laugh.
So this is a rough recollection of what happened on the way from Union Island to Grenada. Stay tuned for more as I dive deep into the mountainous terrain that Grenada has to offer and do some kiting in a little private beach only for guests...we were not.


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