Friday, October 15, 2010

Prickely Bay and Beyond'

Right now I'm in St. Lucia waiting for the boat to get some work done so I've got some extra time on my hands and am going through a recap of my trip so far.  Just incase this wasn't makeing sence to you... Enjoy!

So after being in Prickly Bay for a few days I realised just how much of a community the bay consisted of. It was great, around 8am on the VHF radio channel 68 there would be the weather forecast(very important to us sailors) and a daily update of what was going on in the area and who was having happy hour on what yacht. I found this to be hilarious. It was like a open air craigslist where people could ask for things they needed or sell things they didn't need. It is called the NET.

I was ready to get out and see what Grenada had to offer. Getting in touch with Michal was easy he was on a boat near by and came for some drinks on Meercat. He told me about a few other boats in the area with some good young people to chill with so i did just that.

Braveheart a beautiful monohull sloop had a real good crew that consisted of James and Jodie both from the UK and both up for a good time. They became along with Michal, Georgan, and Oliver (British Oli) my contacts for a good time out. We got together on numerous occasions to hit up the local happy hour and make our way to the club called Bananas.

Now bananas was probably the most established bar/club on the island with four bars and a night club dance hall. Honestly it was more of a SGU bar than anything else. On Friday nights and weekends you could get in for 25 EC and see nothing but SGU students out raging since they have constant tests all week long.

It was nice to meet some heads from the states and it was funny because I met a large number of people from the tristate area and Florida who decided to come here for school. I let them know I thought they made the right decision since this is a perfect place for post grad studies.

But other than getting all pissed up it was fun to have some like minded people around to enjoy the night life.

I decided to do some fishing while I was there to occupy my time and maybe catch some dinner...

I caught a little fish maybe a jac not sure and cut him up for bait. Set a good hook into the slice of fish and threw it into the sea. I managed to get it right outside of a reef so I figured it was a good spot to try. I made myself a rum punch and sat back watching the reel. Out of nowhere i was a quarter done with my rum punch when I saw the reel start bending like a palm tree in high winds. I jumped up and yelled to Ged "Got One!!!" as I reeled it in I thought "whats it gonna beee mmmmmmm hopefully something good. that's when this small black tip reef shark came out of the depths from beneth the Meercat. I was so stoked I caught a frickin shark on my first cast in Grenada. Mind you I have been on a few shark fishing trips with no luck, normally getting drunk to make up for the absence of sharks. But on this day it was a totally different story. I got em good. I must say that they are truly majestic and stunning creatures of the sea. So perfectly built for their environment yet even I can catch them with a bit of meat on a hook. Sucks for them. This guy must have been shitting himself I could see it in his eyes. I managed to work the hook free and just like in the Natgeo shows I held him by his tail and rocked him back and forth in the water. He started trying to swim and I let him free. I'm not sure why I let him go since after telling a few people my catch of the day I was told they make for very good eating. Oh well it was the catch that mattered and maybe he'll (the shark) go back and tell his friends they are not all that bad. hahaha yeah right.

It was now time to sit back finish my rum punch and enjoy.

During our stay in Prickly we were fortunate enough to get some swell caused by the hurricane passing north of us and this brought in a 5-6 meter swell from the north east. Although I didn't get to go to where they were breaking the largest I did get out on my 5'8 Global Fish...much tooo small for these waves but all in all I was out amongst them. Michal and i met out at the break and caught some of the epicness that was flowing through the reef.  I struggled with my board to stay in front of the waves but since I was getting up and riding even if it was short I was havin' a great time. But it wasn't until Michal let me use his 6'2 that I really caught a wave. Honestly I've had good rides in Brazil Surfing with Alex in front of Windtown, but this was one of the best rides I have ever gotten in my life...thus far.

I dropped into a substantial wave chest high (i know i know) and got speed, did a bottom turn and cut back up the lip "slap", turning back down the face I did a bottom turn once more before I cut back the face and lost speed. The entire time i was looking into perfectly clear water with reef less than a foot beneath me. I was completely taken back by the tremendous beauty below me as well as the fact that the sun was setting leaving the sky a brilliant shade of pinkpurplerednblue.

The next couple of days were quite amazing...

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