Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thus Far

So I have been on board for close to two months now island hopping in the Caribbean.

I flew in from JFK to St. Lucia, took a ferry/small boston wailer over to the French Isle of Martinique where i met up with Ged and Susy who then took me aboard my new home on Meercat. I had spent some time on boats but up until this point it was never more than a month. While I was living in Brazil I had the opportunity to stay aboard my aunts boat Top Gun in Ilhia Bella, state of Sao Paulo. This was a power yacht and we would kite from the beach onto the boat or go out on the dinghy and launch at sea. My time spent there was great Tia Ligia and Marechao are tremendous people.

Back to Meercat...

As we made our way from the dock in Martinique to the boat I was yamming out in anticipation. I could hardly wait to see the boat having been traveling for the last 10  hours.  As we approached the Meercat the sun was setting behind her creating an incredible red orange glow on the hull. I knew this was going to be a great ride!

That night we went out for dinner at a dockside restaurant where Ged told me we would be sailing early the next morning. I was stoked, not only had i just arrived but I would be able to sail within the first 24 hours of being on Board...Dank.

Our destination Bequia. A very nice harbor with a great pirate burger joint that supposedly was the set for a scene in pirates of the Caribbean. The burger there was great, with a few pitons and hairouns i was feelin' real good vibes man.

From Bequia we sailed to Tobago Cays where i got to see a great deal of Sea Turtles and one of the nicest surf breaks i have seen in a while. Perfect reef break with some decent sized waves. It was a shame there was no wind while we were there but we made a vow to return when the wind would be better and also make this a destination for our trips.

Two days later we went to Union Island...

This place is legit the island is cool but in Clifton Harbor there is a horseshoe reef with a little bar made out of conch shells and reef.  Janti the establishments owner and creator made the island and decided to call it Happy Island. Perfect.

During the 4 days we were there I spent a great deal of time there talking to him about life, tourism and where the best places to fish are... I'm always lookin'.

Alright this is a great deal of info on the trip and this was only the first week and a half on board. I will post later on the weeks that followed.

I want to give a big ups to Ulyburger who i was talking to on skype while I wrote this and thought about how sweet it is that hes out in the Colorado Rockies and I'm here in the sunny HOT Caribbean.

Jah Bless Up!
Till lataz...

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