Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hiking Greenada in di rain...

This was one of the most incredible hikes i have ever gone on.

So my buddy Michel kept telling me about how dope the mountains were in Grenada. So the best idea was for me to take him up on it and do a hike...

Yup and when to better see the island than in a monsoon.

I left Grenada marine where Meercat was moored and grabbed a Reggae bus to Prickly bay where Bravehart the boat with James, Jodie and Michel was docked. Grabbed Michel who had said he would be waiting at the side of the road for me to pass by and pick him up. He wasn't there obviously...
He was finishing up breakfast and getting his shit together. I was stoked to put my Vibram Fivefinger shoes to the test on the mountain.
I laughed at him when he came out with his fottie boots (soccer cleats) but i would soon see just what we were in for...
So we left the dock and grabbed another reggae bus to the town square where we could catch a bus up to the base of the mountain. We got in and waited. The buses here are vans and they don't leave the bus depot until it is completely packed im sayin four or five deep in each row of seats...yes its crammed but its what its all about.
As we made our way to the spot we would enter the trail we were flyin up these roads with a very steep cliff on the opposite side. I looked at the locals to judge their fear of the drive and they seemed cool so i decided to say f' it and just chill out. hey this guy does this every day...right?
We get to the little bar where most people end their trek and do a little warm up stretch for the hike/run.
And we were off.
Running at a steady jog or yog not really sure any more, we entered the trail. with a little drizzle.

The more we ran the stronger the rain became. With steep inclines and nice downhill bits I was really utilizing the versatility of these damn shoes. The floor itself was more of a swampy river than the floor of a trail. but nevertheless we ran on. Michel led the way but as I got some speed I went ahead.

The scenery was spectacular I could see the little lake that the Grenadians call a lagoon and...not much more. The rain was coming down hard but we kept at it. As we got higher up into the clouds the rain began to come down horizontally due to the strong wind at the top portion of the mountain. I was loving it.

Cool rain when your workin out sweating is like having ac on a hot day but more like the way mothernature intended it.

As we reached the peak there was an odd looking triangle at the top with some clothes hangin from it and a massive boulder that sat on the highest point of this mountain. I looked back to see the trail we had just come from and could barely see more than maybe 100 feet out.

The rain and wind was howling and it felt glorious!

Just then as im hanging off the ledge Michel turns and says
" aight now for the interesting bit"
"Alright!" I exclaimed with enthusiasm.

We headed back the way we came and turned left at the fork instead of making the right which took us to the top. Heading downward the trail began to get narrow. I mean relay narrow where I could not see my feet below me nor Michel who I was following. After a little bit I asked Michel half expecting not to get a response.
"you still there bro ...We goin the right way?"
"yeah mate keep up!"
"if i could see you I might."
We both chuckled and kept on.
We scaled down cliffs and stopped every once and a while as he checked to see weather we were going the right way and evey now and again he would turn to me and say i dont think this is it.
I looked at him puzzled and he would laugh and keep running.
The punk ass got me again.
I was stoked that i wore the shoes i had on since i could feel the ground below me and still have realy good grip. If you hike or jog or do anything outdoors you need yourself some of these Vibram Fivefinger shoes they are DOPE!
Thats when we got to a section where we were literally walking through a river. I thought about the chances of getting bit by a snake and brushed them off...they cant be too high, I thought.

As we got down farther we had to cross not one not two or three or four but something like 8 or 9 rageing rivers. and when i say rageing i mean like pulling a bender for 5 days straight rageing...
If you lost your footing while crossing you were going for a long swim to who knows where.
I nor Michel lost our footing.
We were heading for a waterfall that was suppose to be one of the best on the Island.
I figured with all this rain this waterfall was going to be epic.
It was.
We reached it and stood in aw of its majestic flow of sheer power and force. if i was to walk under this thing i would surly be crushed to bits. It was huge.
Michel and I contemplated about just how much water was flowing through it in a given minute.
A shit ton we both exclaimed.

From there we ended up walking the rest of the way as a cool down and as the sun set. We walked down the last bit of the trail to find a bus back to the depot.

Talking about how great the hike was and how funny it is that we two random blokes met up with some similar interests and decided to take on what mothernature could dish out.

Honestly Ive done a great deal of hiking and this far surpassed a large number of them.

I hope you enjoyed this here story and hopefully i was able to convey it in a coherent and interesting way.

Cheers and stay tuned till next time. Who knows whats up the Caribbean sea.

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